Justeliving Naturals believe in a holistic mind, body and soul approach to healthy living. Our company was founded from the desire to find products for the family that were healthy, safe and made from all natural hypoallergenic ingredients.  


Each of our products is made by hand in small batches using only the finest natural and ingredients for maximum freshness.  They are also fully customizable.  You tell us what you want and that's what you get.


Organic, unrefined Ivory or yellow African Shea Butter is the base for most of our skin and hair care products due to it's super hydrating, healing and nourishing properties along with other wonderful ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Vitamin E.


Our products do not contain any chemicals, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, alcohol,  Formaldehyde or glycerin and are also GMO free.  All products are tested on our own family first as well as outside product testers before releasing for sale, and they are NEVER tested on animals.  We do not sell what we do not use.


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